We Buy Cars

We will pay you up to $500 over your Carmax offer!

Not sure where to sell your car? Here are some reasons customers choose Monza Car as there preferred option for selling their vehicles. Simply make an appointment to bring your vehicle in and we will show you just how easy and stress free selling your vehicle can be.

How does the Carmax offer work?

Simply bring your valid Carmax offer in with your trade in and we will pay you up to $500 over their offer.

– Monza Car reserves the right to not purchase your car and/or offer fair value regardless of any other offers at time of trade in.
– A valid Carmax offer must be present at time of trade in.

Why sell your vehicle to Monza Car?

We need your car, truck or SUV! Monza Car’s selling philosophy (high volume, low mark-up) means that we are always in need of new vehicles. In order to meet that demand, we pay top-dollar for your car.

Why not just sell my car privately?

Many sellers make the mistake of assuming that they will get more from listing their car privately. Because Monza Car can offer services, financing, warranty (and confidence) that a private seller can’t provide, buyers are willing to pay more to buy a car from a dealer. Besides, you probably have a career already, and selling a car is a full time job, if you are going to try to get full value for it. Monza Car will pay top value that you don’t have to wait weeks (or months) to get by selling privately.

What if I have a payoff?

No problem. We will take care of all the necessary paperwork, and make your payoff for you. Not having your title in hand is a major obstacle in selling your car privately, but not when you sell to Monza Car.

Is there any risk in selling to Monza Car?

Not at all. Unlike selling your vehicle to a private party, there is no risk selling to Monza Car. No worries about liability if there is a problem with your car. No need to deal with making repairs in order to complete a sale. No expense of having your car smogged. No strangers calling, emailing or showing up at your front door. No legal concerns if you filled out paperwork incorrectly. No problems after the sale if something goes wrong with your car.

What type of vehicles will Monza buy?

We will buy anything. Even if your vehicle does not seem like the type of inventory we have for sale here (for example, we never sell Salvage Titles or Frame Damage cars) we have an extensive network of buyers that we sell to. So, no matter what the history, condition or miles – we’re interested.

What is the process for Monza to buy my car?

Our process is quick and painless. Bring your vehicle to our location with the appropriate documents (title, registration, account information if there is a payoff) and if we agree on a price, you leave with money in hand!

If you are interested in selling your vehicle and have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, please click the link below to contact Monza Car.